Custom HubSpot Integrations

When you can’t find an integration – to connect your system to HubSpot – then you either need a Third Party Connector or a Custom HubSpot Integration.

You can connect HubSpot with hundreds of popular apps using HubSpot Integrations, but your application isn’t always listed.

You can integrate with hundreds more apps using 3rd party systems like But they may not have all the features you need to successfully integrate your system with HubSpot.

Why you need integrations

Integrations automatically transfer information between different systems so you can be better informed, make better decisions and analyse data so you can improve your business.

Integrations are usually automated which saves you time, eliminates stale data and reduces the potential for errors that occur with manual data transfer.

No more collating spreadsheets from different systems. It used to take forever to collate your data but now it can be fully automated so you can spend less time collating and more time analysing the data.

What is an Integration?

Basically, information is passed from one system to the other using an integration.

The data is transferred over the internet via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). These APIs are constantly sending and receiving data over the internet. 

Here’s a simplified high level diagram of a HubSpot Integration:

Custom HubSpot Integrations
This simplified diagram shows how a HubSpot Integration might work.

What is a Custom HubSpot Integration?

A Custom HubSpot Integration is custom code, that runs in the cloud, separate from HubSpot and the App that you want to sync data with.

The custom code moves data – between HubSpot and your App – at scheduled intervals or in real time using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

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